These partners include:

EU institutions

European Commission (EC) Read more

The Directorates General that deal with issues which concern the textile services industry are:

  • DG Environment Read more
  • DG Growth - Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs Read more
  • DG Research and Innovation, specifically business services Read more

European Parliament (EP) Read more

European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)

In 2010, the EESC published an opinion on changes and prospects for textile services in Europe. Read more

EESC opinion on textile services 2010 (103.5 KB)EESC opinion on textile services 2010

EU transparency register

As an organisation involved in the EU decision making process, ETSA is accredited in the EU's transparency register. Read more


Standards organisations

General standards

  • CEN: European Committee for Standardisation. ETSA is an active participant in CEN working groups and technical committees, at the heart of the development of technical standards. The relevant technical committees that deal with issues of concern to the textile services industry are:
    • CEN/TC 162 "Protective clothing including hand and arm protection and lifejackets" ETSA's role: Liaison
    • CEN/TC 205 "Non-active medical devices" ETSA's role: Liaison
    • CEN/TC 248 "Textiles and textile products" ETSA's role: Liaison
      • CEN/TC 248/WG 17 "Hygienic quality of textiles processed in industrial laundries and used in sectors in which it is necessary to contol biocontamination" ETSA's role: Convener and Secretary Support Team
    • Read more
  • ISO : International Standards organisation: Key standards of concern to the textile service industry are:
    • ISO/TC 038
      • ISO/TC 038/SC 02/WG 09 "Industrial laundering" ETSA's role: Convener and Secretary Support Team
    • ISO/TC 094 "Personal safety -- Protective clothing and equipment" ETSA's role: Liaison-External
    • ISO/TC 094/SC 14 "Fire-fighters' personal equipment" ETSA's role: Liaison-External
    • Read more

Food standards

  • BRC: British Retail Consortium. Read more
  • IFS: International Food Safety StandardsRead more

Health and safety organisations

  • ECDC: European Centre for Disease Prevention and ControlRead more
  • ESF: European Safety Federation, which promotes health and safety management in the workplace, with particular regard to personal protective equipment (PPE) Read more
  • EU OSHA: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. ETSA partners with EU OSHA on their healthy workplaces 2012-13 campaign: 'Working together to prevent risks' Read more
  • WHO: World Health OrganisationRead more
  • Mesothelioma: Read more

European and international business organisations

  • AISE: The International Association for Soap, Detergents and Maintenance ProductsRead more
  • EBSA: European Business Services AllianceRead more
  • EFCI: European Federation of Cleaning IndustriesRead more
  • ESC: European Shippers Council Organisation of transport users in EuropeRead more
  • FAIB: Federation of European and International Associations established in BelgiumRead more
  • UNGC: United Nations Global Compact: As an industry, we are committed to Global Compact's 10 principles of business activities related to human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption Read more
  • Business Europe: The Voice of Business in Europe.  Read more
  • European Patient's Forum: Advocacy for patient's rights in Europe. Read More

Other textile organisations

  • Centexbel: Centre Scientifique et Technique de l'Industrie Belge: Belgian textile research centre Read more
  • Euratex: The European Textile FederationRead more
  • Fedustria: Federation Belge de l'Industrie Textile, du Bois et de l'Ameublement. Belgian textile, woodwork and furniture industry association. Read more
  • The national textile services associations of ten European countries are members of ETSA Read more

Other textile service organisations

  • ARTA: American Reusable Textiles Association. Read more
  • ITSA: International Textile Services Alliance. Global community of executives from national and regional business-to-business textiles services associations. Read more
  • TRSA: Textile Rental Association of AmericaRead more

ETSA: Representing textile rental companies

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To find out more about our members including suppliers, national associations and research institutes click here

ETSA: In partnership with suppliers of detergents, fabrics and machinery

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To find out more about our members including textile rental companies, national associations and research institutes click here

ETSA: Coordinating national textile service associations and working with research institutes

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To find out more about our members including textile rental companies and suppliers, click here