Environmental sustainability

A sustainable business model

Sustainability is inherent to the purpose of our business. Our business offers textile products and services which are available to suit the changing needs of a wide range of customers. We provide textiles to our customers in an environmental friendly and socially responsible way. Renting textiles ensures customers have the required garment and linen supply when and where they need it, that the lifecycle of each textile is optimised, and that the textiles are recycled when they are no longer usable. Read more about environmental sustainability

Low carbon footprint

Climate change due to emission of greenhouse gases presents a serious challenge for responsible business leaders in the 21st century. Most scientists now agree that rising atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHGs), particularly carbon dioxide (CO2), will have a serious impact of many activities of societies and natural ecosystems around the globe. ETSA and its member companies are committed to contributing to the reduction in CO2 emissions needed in the coming years.

CO2 Factsheet coverTaking the lead together, ETSA member firms have calculated the average European carbon footprint to provide one worker with workwear for one year, and to provide one hotel bed with linen for one year.

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Corporate responsibility

As the voice of the textile services industry in Europe, ETSA represents companies for whom sustainability and corporate responsibility are corner stones of their business strategy and company profitability.

These European, market-leading companies have policies and codes of conduct which are based on, or incorporate, the principles of international organisations such as:

  • the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights; 
  • the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Rights and Principles at Work;
  • the Children's' Rights Business Principles; and
  • OECD Guidelines or the ICC Business Charter for Sustainable Development.

In addition, the operations of the textile services firms are certified in accordance with international management systems such as ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management). As the majority of our business is in Europe, our members must also comply with stringent EU legislation and CEN standards.


ETSA vision statement on safety (Draft Oct 17) (389.5 KB) ETSA vision statement on safety (Draft Oct 17)

Sustainability of the entire supply chain

Our members supply, manufacture, rent, transport, launder and recycle the textiles required by their customers. This service cycle may involve a long supply chain. Both the rental firms and the suppliers to the industry take a proactive approach to ensure full responsibility for the sustainability of this supply chain. 

ETSA's member companies make  corporate responsibility an integral part of every aspect of their business, striving towards reaching and maintaining best practices in the industry.

Read the ETSA report Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility in the Textile Services Industry.

UN Global Compact

Communication on Engagement submitted to United Nations Global Compact

The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) is the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative. ETSA has been a member of UNGC since 2007 and is committed to the 10 principles of Global Compact.

Our fifth Communication on Engagement is an opportunity to share how active we are in addressing the social, environmental and economic aspects of sustainability and corporate responsibility. Read about ETSA's engagement with UNGC.

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