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Event / Meeting Date Comments
ETSA: Board of Directors 07 Feb Geneva, CH (bardusch host)
Other: TSA Technical Standards Knowledge Network 19 Feb UK
Other: EBSA Launch breakfast meeting 21 Feb Brussels, BE
Other: Assosistema Hospitality sud 27 - 28 Feb Naples, IT
Other: TSA Textile Services Management Course 04 - 08 Mar UK
ETSA: NAs conf call on social media 05 Mar Conference call
ETSA: PG to raise textile service profile 11 Mar Conference call
ETSA: Testing on microfibers from fabrics released in the washing process PG 12 Mar Conference call
Other: TSA Health & Safety Knowledge Network 14 Mar UK
Other: FBT Board 18 Mar Brussels, BE
ETSA: TRSA webinar on online materials 25 Mar Conference call
Other: PG on Educate! E-learning for the textile care sector 28 - 29 Mar Zellik, BE (FBT host)
Other: wfk IDC 09 - 11 Apr Düsseldorf, DE
ETSA: NAs conf call on social media 03 May Conference call
ETSA: Board of Directors 14 May Dublin, Ireland
Other: Techtextil 14 - 17 May Frankfurt, DE
ETSA: ETSA Conference 14 - 15 May Dublin, Ireland
Other: ST Annual meeting 16 May Gothenburg, SE
Other: Jet Expo 19 - 21 May Paris, FR
ETSA: Workwear and PPE Workshops 04 Jun Brussels, BE
Other: TSA PPE Seminar TBC 05 Jun UK
Other: Geist journées d'études 12 - 14 Jun Beaulieu, FR
Other: DTV Clean show trip 17 - 26 Jun New Orleans, US
Other: Clean Show 20 - 23 Jun New Orleans, US
ETSA: Communications network 25 Jun Conference call
ETSA: Communications network 27 Jun Conference call
Other: TSA Fundamentals of Boiler Management Course TBC 01 Jul UK
Other: DTV Annual conference 13 - 15 Sep Hamburg, DE
Other: FBT Annual meeting TBC 19 Sep Bruges, BE
Other: DTV Texcare Asia trip 22 - 30 Sep Shanghai, CN
Other: Texcare Asia 27 - 29 Sep Shanghai, CN
ETSA: Environment Workshops 09 Oct Brussels, BE
ETSA: 3rd Safety Roundtable 10 Oct Brussels, BE
ETSA: National Associations 16 - 17 Oct London, UK (TSA host)
Other: SBS Textile care forum 24 Oct Brussels, BE
Other: Assosistema Use and reuse 05 - 08 Nov Rimini, IT
Other: A + A 05 - 08 Nov Düsseldorf, DE
ETSA: Board of Directors 12 Nov Lisbon, PT
Other: ST Autumn meeting 14 Nov Malmö, SE

ETSA: Representing textile rental companies

Alsco Bardusch CWS Boco  DFD Elis Initial johnson Lindstrom Mewa Salesianer Miettex

To find out more about our members including suppliers, national associations and research institutes click here

ETSA: In partnership with suppliers of detergents, fabrics and machinery

Beirholm BP Carrington christeyns Ecolab HB Jensen kannegiesser Klopman lapauw Lauffenmuhle Tencate Van Moer

To find out more about our members including textile rental companies, national associations and research institutes click here

ETSA: Coordinating national textile service associations and working with research institutes

Assosistema BVT FBT GEIST Hohenstein NRV Tekstiilihuoltoliitto-ry TRSA TSA Sveriges-Tvätteriförbund VTS WFK Wirtex

To find out more about our members including textile rental companies and suppliers, click here