In the washroom

Cotton hand towels:

  • ensure a high level of comfort to the user
  • ensure hand hygiene by removing bacteria from hands more effectively than other drying systems
  • have a lower environmental impact
  • reduce waste in the washroom

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In the operating theatre

Reusable surgical gowns and drapes protect patients and hospital staff from infections. Similarly, in a clean room environment, clean room suits made from sophisticated barrier fabrics provide a high level of protection.


  • have superior strength
  • comply with rigorous legal requirements and stringent quality controls
  • reduce the transfer of infection
  • have lower linting and superior homogeneity

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In the catering and hospitality industry

In the hospitality industry, caterers, hotels and restaurants rely on high quality linen products, backed up by a reliable and comprehensive rental service.

Reusable textiles in the catering and hospitality industry:

  • enhance company image with customised textiles and linens
  • provide flexibility for businesses as their needs change (e.g. seasonal demands)
  • reduce the need for storage and large capital investment
  • guarantee the quality and long lifetime of textiles

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In an industrial context

In an industrial context, specially designed wipers are widely used to clean and maintain different types of machines by effectively absorbing oils, greases and other liquids on machines.

Reusable wipers:

  • are made of highly innovative fabrics for specific purposes
  • have a lower environmental burden than disposables, due to appropriate waste management programmes and ecological laundering
  • reduce storage and waste disposal
  • are stronger, more absorbent and risk-free for users

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