Industrial wipers

Reusable industrial wipers from textile rental services

Specially designed industrial wipers are widely used to maintain different types of machines by effectively absorbing oils, greases and other liquids on machines. They are used particularly in the printing, automotive and production engineering industries.

Let your business benefit from greater peace of mind

Full service from a professional textile services company provides specially designed reusable wipers, as well as waste management services for soiled wipers. Such a company can provide your business with professional consultancy to advise you on the right wiper for the right purpose, whatever your industry. Reusable wipers use innovative fabrics which are the result of constant research and development. They are hygienic and contamination-free, with guaranteed product quality.

The advantages of renting wipers

Renting means that your business has no need to store and dispose of waste, as the rental service takes care of this, in accordance with national requirements. There is also no need to worry about the complex regulations and their penalties governing transport of hazardous waste. You get a reliable, regular delivery and collection service, and the knowledge that the textile services company respects the environment by reducing waste and using ecological laundering processes.

Reusables are better, safer and easier than disposables

Reusable wipers are superior to paper disposable wipers because they provide better absorbency, so volumes are reduced and the costs to your business are generally lower. In addition, the lower environmental burden from landfill or incineration through the use of reusables is widely acknowledged.

Other benefits include:

  • Excellent absorption performance
  • High wet strength
  • Cost-effective compared to disposable paper wipers
  • No capital outlay or cash tied up in stock
  • Easy to handle.

The Textile Rental Services Association of America (TRSA) has demonstrated the safety of shop towels (which is what wipers are called in the US) and their superior economy and ecology compared with disposable industrial wipers. Recent research showing that reusables are free of health risks is summarised, and a new fact sheet comparing the costs and solid waste/energy impacts of cloth versus paper and nonwovens is provided. More details on TRSA's website

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