The European Textile Services Association (ETSA) is dedicating significant resources to enhancing communication efforts through its National Associations' Communication Schemes. These schemes aim to promote productive dialogues and strengthen the network within the textile services sector.

A recent initiative emphasizes the importance of collaborative communication in managing green and digital transitions. The introduction of new communication strategies represents a transformative approach for disseminating information and fostering cooperation, providing practical means for the industry to enhance partnerships and share best practices. Several associations were recognized for their effective communication efforts, and the expertise of various industry professionals was pivotal in advancing these initiatives.

Looking forward, the National Associations will continue to explore innovative ways to support ETSA's Communication Schemes. Over the summer, a dedicated section of the ETSA website will be developed to support these communication activities. This will offer the textile services sector a platform for continuous information sharing, collaboration, and engagement.

For those interested in learning more about these initiatives, please contact the ETSA Secretariat.

Open Door Event "Visit My Laundry": GEIST (France)

GEISTEvery year, GEIST organizes the open door day "Visit My Laundry," a flagship event aimed at attracting new talent and enhancing the visibility of the Textile Services sector. This day, featuring site tours and job dating sessions, has become a key event for our industry in France. In 2021, GEIST worked to gain recognition for our sector as essential, especially during the Covid pandemic. Initially intended for political decision-makers to raise awareness of the necessity of maintaining our industrial laundry activities, this initiative was quickly acknowledged as a real benefit for the sector's image among various audiences. Since 2021, the number of participating sites has tripled, growing from 17 to 53, including major industry brands like Elis, Anett, Kalhyge, and Initial.

To maximize the impact of this event, GEIST provides participating companies with a comprehensive communication package. This package includes posters, LinkedIn or email banners, invitation letters (B2B), press kits, press releases, flyers, a "Visit My Laundry" t-shirt, and photos. Additionally, personalized assistance was offered this year to address any member questions regarding the implementation of communication tools. A shared retro-planning calendar helps anticipate each preparatory action and assists companies in organizing their participation effectively.

In March 2024, ETSA enabled other countries to join the initiative launched by GEIST in France, paving the way for a European dimension of the event. Thanks to this initiative, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and the Czech Republic have joined the venture, benefiting from the already established communication tools, translated and adapted into various languages.LaundryOpenDay

It is hoped that many other national associations in the sector will join this project, which enhances the profession's visibility and increases recognition of our industry among the general public and administrative bodies. This day, March 13, 2024, not only creates recruitment opportunities but also fosters a sense of belonging among all professionals involved. It has proven to be a catalyst for the continuous promotion of the importance of our sector, both economically and environmentally.




Helping hospitality linen last longer:  The Textile Services Association (United Kingdom)

PashaThe TSA has produced a portfolio of support materials designed to guide teams in extending the lifespan of hospitality linen. Proper care of linen products not only prolongs their usability but also contributes positively to environmental sustainability. This initiative is being featured on the TSA website.

The TSA encourages the use of these materials during induction training programs within hotels and laundries. These resources are available for download, sharing, and presentation. For those who prefer white-label versions of any of the materials, TSA  is willing to accommodate such requests. You can find more information by clicking the link here.

Introducing Pasha the Pillowcase: videos

Pasha has been developed by the TSA  to help to bring to life the story of hospitality linen.  Click here to watch a simple tale about the not-so-simple life and times of a simple piece of linen. Some short videos have been created to show the various stages linen, or in this case, Pasha the pillowcase, undertakes throughout its entire life cycle, you can view the "Pasha the Pillowcase videos" and other related videos on the TSA youtube channel here.

Video Campaigns showcasing the essential role textile services play: TRSA (United States)

Check out these awareness campaigns run by the National Association representing the United States of America. You can see all their videos here on their YouTube channel, but pay special attention to two, linked here. One on the life of a bar towel, showcasing the important role that textile service companies play in ensuring industries and businesses are supported with necessary supplies. A second video, also linked here, shows the astonishing way the textile service industry supports a litany of other essential industries and businesses critical to the societal infrastructure, not only in the United States and Europe, but throughout the world.


VTS "Without Us" Campaign (Switzerland) 

OperatingRoomThe VTS "Without Us" campaign emphasizes sustainability and system relevance while highlighting the critical role that professional textile care plays in a variety of industries. The ad shows how work attire, formal dining, medical fabrics, and fine tableware would not be able to uphold the essential standards of hygienic practices, safety, and cleanliness without their assistance. Through particular case studies from a variety of sectors, including construction, healthcare, and hospitality, the campaign illustrates how expert textile maintenance guarantees the durability, security, and environmental effectiveness of these products.

The campaign consists of text  and images for Google Ads, email footers, landing page headers, and social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These articles aim to increase awareness of the value of expert textile care in upholding safety and hygienic regulations, improving sustainability by prolonging the life of textiles, and lessening the environmental impact.Hotel The VTS "Without Us" campaign effectively conveys the vital role that textile care experts play in a variety of sectors, encouraging a greater understanding and respect of their work through focused language and striking imagery. You can read more about this innovative campaign here.











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