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Through much hard work and dedication, ETSA has successfully procured the EU Climate Pact Ambassadorship. This exciting opportunity, will allow ETSA, to act in synergy with the European Commission to inform, and inspire real climate action while also acting as a sort of bridge between stakeholders, individuals, industries and European institutions which are committed to boosting European sustainability. The EU Climate Pact Ambassadorship is an initiative by the European Commission to allow individuals as well as organizations to take a more inspiring and effective action to combat climate change. 


With this new role, ETSA will have the responsibility and prerogative to disseminate information and best practices that help contribute to the EU's  sustainability targets, be it with respect to carbon emissions, chemicals, microplastics or any other priority area for the European Commission in relation to environmental policy. In order for ETSA's ambassadorship to become finalized, ETSA will need to commit itself through a pledge where we strive to go beyond the minimum requirements of  existing EU legislation and to find new and out-of-the box approaches to sustainability. If you'd like to read about the values of the European Climate Pact, click here.  ETSA Promoting AmbassadorshipIf you'd like to see the finalized version of the pledge which was crafted in synergy with ETSA members, you can see it attached at the end of this page. On January 28th, ETSA also hosted a Peer Parliament, roundtable discussion on the subject of sustainability, Since 2022 is the Year of European Youth, the focus of this discussion was geared toward the future of sustainability. The participants of the Peer Parliament roundtable were all below age 35. You can read about that here, and you can view the recording of the event here. Furthermore, in Feburary of 2022, ETSA received news that it's status as Climate Ambassadorship has in fact been prolonged. You can see the certificate of that at the bottom of the page.


Throughout 2023 and 2024, ETSA has also taken the liberty of cataloguing a summary of its extensive activities as a Climate Pact Ambassador, this can be seen in the brochure summary listed at the bottom of this page. You can also find a link to our Youtube channel, where we made a short video on our activities 

ClimatePactThrough this role as Commission Climate Ambassadors, we at the ETSA secretariat hope we can also motivate and inspire our members, from suppliers, rental companies to national associations to take new and decisive action in order to  boost sustainability. We know that many of our suppliers, rental companies and national associations are already doing great work by engaging with their local communities and forwarding the advancement of scientific innovation which will also for more effective future environmental action. We are committed to continuing this path forward, in cooperation with not only Europe, but with willing partners throughout the world.

Please follow ETSA snapshots and newsletters for updated news on this new exciting opportunity in which we are engaged in. We'd be delighted to work with you on this exciting new responsibility we have, to work with us more or to bring attention to something your organization is doing to reduce its carbon footprint, get in touch with the ETSA secretariat. We are eager to hear from you. 

You can see the certificate from the European Commission here below! 
EU Climate Pact (124.6 KB)EU Climate Pact (124.6 KB)
You can see the certificates of prolongation below
ETSA Climate Ambassadorship Prolongation Certificate (283.7 KB)ETSA Climate Ambassadorship Prolongation Certificate (283.7 KB)
ETSA Climate Ambassadorship Renewal 2022,2023 (221.9 KB)ETSA Climate Ambassadorship Renewal 2022,2023 (221.9 KB) (1.12.2022)

You can see our 2024 brochure here 
Brochure on ETSA Activities (2024) (1.54 MB)Brochure on ETSA Activities (2024) (1.54 MB)
You can see our 2024 summary of activities here
ETSA Climate Pact Summary of Activities (2024)  (498.5 KB)ETSA Climate Pact Summary of Activities (2024) (498.5 KB)
You can see the climate ambassadorship pledge here!
ETSA Climate Ambassadorship Pledge (221.4 KB)ETSA Climate Ambassadorship Pledge (221.4 KB)


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