The advantages of rental mats

Cleaning accounts for 90% of building maintenance costs. Using professionally-serviced dust control mats cuts down on cleaning costs while providing other benefits. They reduce cleaning times and frequency and the need for wet cleaning, thus reducing detergent and water usage. Floor quality is better preserved due to less dirt and abrasion, which also reduces maintenance costs. This results in a safer environment, with cleaner drier floors and reduced employer accident liability.

As an efficient cleaning solution for maintaining buildings, there are many locations where mats can be placed to cut down on further dirt being brought in or to prevent accidents from spillage and slipping, thus ensuring health and safety and promoting good hygiene. Such locations include entrance staircases and lifts, reception, workshop areas, kitchens, bars, cafeterias, toilets, showers and washrooms.

Mats should not be an afterthought!

With the high number of benefits provided by using rental mats, it is important to make sure that they are a fixture in any building from day one. Textile rental companies work with architects and planners to ensure that mat wells are included in the structural plan of all buildings. Taking steps to provide appropriate areas to place mats and ensuring that cleaners have the correct equipment to clean buildings will cut down on costs.

Save cleaning costs and time

A study commissioned by ETSA, covering countries from northern Scandinavia to southern Europe, measured the positive impact of using rental dust control mats in offices, schools, airports, apartment blocks and shopping malls. It found that using rental dust mats and mops saves 44% in cleaning time and 14% in costs when compared with companies not using rental mats and mops, and 27% in cleaning time and 22% in costs  when compared with companies using private customer mats (those not supplied and maintained by a textile services company).

Positive company image

Rental mats have the additional benefits of providing and maintaining a positive company image. Their cleaning capacity ensures that your premises will always look clean and presentable and creates a well looked-after, good quality first impression for visiting customers and clients. Mats can also be personalised or branded with company images and logos.

Reducing slip and fall injuries protects you and your employees

A 2011 US study shows that slip and fall injuries are the leading source of general liability insurance claims in the real estate sector. It highlights the importance of how floors are cleaned and maintained, rather than the floor itself, and recommends a 'good mat programme', referring to proper servicing.

QSR Magazine, an American monthly publication for the restaurant industry, recently highlighted a list of best practices from Cintas Corp (Ohio), for reducing slip and fall accidents. Cintas also presented tips for restaurateurs during a recent webinar from TRSA, the Textile Rental Services Association of the US.

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