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In the heart of innovation, sustainability, social responsibility and more the ETSA Awards stand as a beacon of excellence, celebrating the remarkable achievements within the textile services industry. As the industry gears up for the much-anticipated ETSA Congress, the spotlight shines on the awards, set to recognize and honor innovative companies and individuals who are not just shaping the present but are also crafting the future of the textile service sector.

AwardsThe ETSA Awards encompass a diverse range of categories, each tailored to spotlight distinct forms of excellence within the industry. From pioneering innovative projects to making significant strides in environmental sustainability, and from setting benchmarks in corporate social responsibility to excelling in customer experience, these awards are a testament to the multifaceted brilliance of the industry's frontrunners.

The ETSA Awards naturally build off of the first ETSA Awards which were showcased during the 2022 Congress in Rome. For this year, ETSA has expanded the categories and is excited to present the winners during the ETSA Congress in Prague on 2-3 of May 2024.


How to Apply?

You can apply by filling out the form at the bottom of this page and sending it with your company name and the Award Category you are applying to in the subject line to by no later than 29 MarchThere is a limit to one application per category, however companies are free to apply to multiple categories.


You can see the award categories listed below. The judges for each category are being confirmed and will be communicated shorty


The Best Innovative Project Award

Climate! is dedicated to honouring visionary enterprises that have set new benchmarks through exceptional innovations in business and technology. This prestigious accolade recognizes projects that are at the forefront of transforming industry norms, either by pioneering unprecedented business practices or by advancing cutting-edge technologies. Nominees are celebrated for their novel approaches that significantly deviate from conventional paradigms, be it through inventive product designs, revolutionary business models, innovative customer engagement tactics, or trailblazing technological processes. This category is unique in its comprehensive coverage of innovations that redefine a company's fundamental operations, market strategies, or industry standards.


  • Demonstrable innovation in product design, business model, customer engagement, technology, or technological processes.
  • Evidence of substantial enhancement in business efficiency, market position, or industry influence.
  • Clear exposition of the innovation's distinctive nature, including a detailed explanation of the groundbreaking process and its singular characteristics.
  • Comprehensive account of the outcomes, detailing the project's profound impact on the company, its stakeholders, and potentially the industry at large.
  • Transparency and insight into the challenges encountered and surmounted throughout the project's life cycle.
  • Evaluation of the uniqueness, originality, adaptability, and future potential of the technology or process involved.
  • Illustration of the company's pivotal role in spearheading technological or business innovation within its sector.

Climate Impact Award

Dedicated to honoring exceptional contributions to environmental sustainability, this award specifically targets initiatives in recycling, co2 reduction and waste reduction. Nominees should showcase iClimatePactnitiatives with measurable environmental benefits, such as significant reductions in waste generation, innovative recycling techniques, or substantial cuts in carbon emissions. This category is unique in its singular focus on environmental impact through waste management and recycling innovations.


  • Measurable environmental impact, specifically in recycling, emissions and/or waste reduction.
  • Innovative approaches to environmental sustainability within the company.
  • Before and after data showcasing tangible improvements.
  • Sustainability initiatives aligning with broader environmental goals (e.g., EU Green Deal).
  • Long-term sustainability plan and its potential impact on the industry.


Corporate Social Responsibility Award

This award recognizes companies that excel in integrating social responsibility into their core business strategy. Nominees should demonstrate impactful initiatives in areas such as community development, ethical supply chain management, or advocacy for workers' rights. The focus here is on broad social impact initiatives that extend beyond the company's walls, making a difference in the wider community or industry.


  • Demonstrated commitment to social responsibility in business strategy.
  • Specific initiatives addressing social issues like workers' rights or community support.
  • Tangible impact of these initiatives on the targeted group and the broader community.
  • Effectiveness and leadership in implementing these initiatives.
  • Description of how these initiatives align with the company's long-term strategy.

Customer Experience Excellence Award

CustomerExpierienceCelebrating outstanding achievements in enhancing customer experiences, this award focuses on companies that go the extra mile in customer service. Nominees should demonstrate excellence in customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty, backed by tangible evidence like customer testimonials or innovative service initiatives. This category is uniquely customer-centric, valuing the direct impact on consumer perception and interaction.


  • Evidence of exceptional customer service and satisfaction.
  • Innovative strategies or technologies enhancing customer experience.
  • Customer feedback, testimonials, and satisfaction metrics.
  • Consistency in providing exceptional customer experiences.
  • Impact of customer experience initiatives on company reputation and customer loyalty.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Champion Award

DiversityThis award honors organizations that have made significant strides in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. Nominees should highlight successful initiatives in creating a diverse workforce, fostering an inclusive culture, and implementing impactful policies supporting underrepresented groups. This category distinctly focuses on internal organizational culture and diversity practices.


  • Initiatives promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organization.
  • Measurable outcomes of these initiatives (e.g., diversity statistics, employee feedback).
  • KPI's relating to including marginalized and underrepresented groups.
  • Strategies for maintaining and enhancing an inclusive culture.
  • Impact of these initiatives on employee morale and company culture.

Employer of the Year Award in Textile Services

EmployeewellbeingThe Employer of the Year Award in Textile Services is a prestigious recognition given to textile service companies that exemplify excellence in fostering an environment of continuous learning, skills enhancement, and overall employee well-being. This award honors organizations that have distinguished themselves through innovative strategies in upskilling, reskilling, and promoting the employability of their workforce, while also prioritizing mental health, work-life balance, and job satisfaction. Nominees are expected to demonstrate an outstanding commitment to their employees, showcasing how their initiatives not only improve technical competencies and industry adaptability but also significantly contribute to a culture of comprehensive care and support within the textile services sector.


  • Execution of innovative and effective upskilling and reskilling programs specifically designed for the textile services industry.
  • Tangible investment in employee development, resulting in enhanced employability, career growth, and industry competencies.
  • Significant positive impact of the skill development and well-being initiatives on employee satisfaction, retention, and overall health.
  • Compelling employee feedback and testimonials that underscore the benefits and effectiveness of the company's well-being and skill enhancement efforts.
  • Sustainability and strategic foresight in the implementation of skills development and well-being programs, reflecting the company's long-term commitment to its workforce.
  • Demonstrated dedication to creating and maintaining a work environment that values employee welfare, mental health, and a balanced life, setting industry standards for employee-centric practices in the textile services sector.

National Association of the Year

National AssociationsThe ETSA National Association of the Year Award is an esteemed accolade that recognizes the exceptional contributions of ETSA National Associations to the textile services industry within their respective countries. This award is dedicated to honoring those associations that have successfully orchestrated influential lobbying campaigns, resulting in significant legislative advancements, or have spearheaded innovative projects that have substantially propelled the industry forward on a national level. The award celebrates the dedication, strategic insight, and impactful outcomes achieved by these associations, highlighting their pivotal role in shaping the industry's future through policy advocacy or groundbreaking initiatives.


  • Successful execution and outcomes of a lobbying campaign that led to substantial legislative advancements benefiting the textile services industry on a national scale.
  • Development and implementation of innovative projects that have markedly advanced the industry's standards, practices, or sustainability within a specific country.
  • Demonstrable influence of the association's efforts on shaping industry-related policies, regulations, or standards at the national level.
  • Clear and measurable impact of the association's initiatives on the growth, development, or transformation of the textile services industry within their country.
  • Strong evidence of strategic planning, collaboration, and stakeholder engagement in the execution of the lobbying campaign or innovative project.
  • Comprehensive documentation and analysis of the outcomes, benefits, and long-term potential of the legislative achievements or innovative endeavors undertaken by the association.

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