One of ETSA's valued Danish members, "Beirholm" has recently innovated with their partner "Greif" to find a way to improve textile production and laundry in order to become more sustainable.


Specifically, Beirholm worked with Grief to implement a new range of terry and tablecloth. This consisted of integrating state of the art BeirTex® technology, which includes several manufacturing processes within spinning, weaving and processing. This has resulted in extended product longevity, potential to reduce energy consumption and up to 40% decrease in the presence of microplastics.


When Greif tested the tablecloth with the integrated BeirTex® technology, they didn't stop looking for ways to innovate. After all, the goal of our industry, Europe and ultimately the world is to become more circular. Thus, together Beirholm and Greif found a way to recycle PET bottles and turn them into tablecloth. Beirholm has further adapted this model to other products, including bedlinen, using about 20 PET bottles in the making of an article of bedlinen. Thus, this flexible technology, courtesy of Beirholm and its cooperation with Grief can address sustainability in both laundry and textile production by incorporating both raw materials and used materials (such as plastic bottles) in recycling, including at end of life.  


ETSA is determined to showcasing innovative ways the textile service industry finds in order to improve sustainability and circularity. While textiles have been around humanity since the bronze age, this industry has never ceased to find ways to improve itself and in more recent years, contribute to the collective need to recycle and upcycle, paving our way to a truly circular economy.


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