Make the World Green Again- A cooperative Webinar 



On 30 June, ETSA in synergy with its members  National Associations of FBT (Belgium), DTV (Germany), TSA(United Kingdom) and TRSA (United States of America) hosted a webinar featuring several high profile guest speakers that was attended by over 100 people.

This webinar, presented a  very useful series of approaches adopted by the textile and textile services sectors  to sustainability and opened the debate to successful circular  business models adopted at the national level. Among the speakers was, Valeria Botta, Programme Manager at ECOS,  the Environmental Coalition on Standards spoke extensively on the ECOS approach to creating more sustainable products, which has naturally become a more and more salient issue given recent EU policies such as the European Green Deal and the Circular Economy Action Plan. She also spoke on Consumer scores and labeling as well as ways to help increase material efficiency looking ahead of the 2025 Waste collection forecast by the European Commission.

Chris Welch, President at Prudential Overall Supply & Shay Sethi, CEO at Ambercycle (both in the United States) joined the discussion by presenting the perspectives and best practices from the international arena with respect to sustainability. Some of their best practices include an emphasis on product regeneration, reducing emissions in transit as well as finding new ways to boost circularity more broadly. The global perspective to sustainability brought forward a lot of "food for thought" and captured interesting elements for further discussion in the forthcoming webinars to be dedicated to this important topic.

This webinar gave also the opportunity to hear from our national associations and the incredible work undertaken at the national level. We first heard from David Stevens, CEO from the Textile Service Association. Mr Stevens enthusiastically spoke on end of life recycling and the actions TSA was taking to engage with and cooperate with hospitality organizations in the United Kingdom. After Mr Stevens we heard from Daniel Dalkowski, representing the German national association (DTV). Like Mr Stevens, Mr Dalkowski is a longtime friend and frequent cooperator with ETSA on many of our projects and initiatives. Daniel Dalkowski focused specifically on how we can help make circular business practices the norm and how we as an industry can push eco-design both on a national and a European level. The role played by these two associations has proved crucial in developing tailored work with their respective Small and Medium Enterprises and working on challenges in a resource efficient manner.

 Our American partners and members at the TRSA in US led by Joe Ricci TRSA President & CEO spoke on innovative solutions and best practices taking place on the other side of the pond, with a lot of important advocacy initiatives and strategic communication to raise awareness of the textile service sector in the US . Fundamentally, circularity and sustainability are global issues and require enhanced cooperation from not only governments but the private sector as well. The USA is Europe's greatest historic partner, thus working with and exchanging best approaches with actors in the United States is an imperative for both Europe and the United States.

                                                                                     Valeria Botta

Our final speaker was Michiel Van den plas, Project Manager Recydata who was procured as a speaker through the Belgian Federation of Textile Care (FBT). Mr Van de plas not only shed some light on current measures and policies taking place in Belgium but also spoke on the opportunities given by investing in recycling hubs also in line with the EU Recycling Hubs recently undertaken by the EU Commission.

ETSA Secretary General Elena Lai shared her thoughts after the end of the webinar saying: "This webinar gave us a real opportunity to better grasp the incredible work done by our National Associations and their members at the national level, to incentivize both sustainable and circular models for the textile services sector. I am confident that in view of ETSA recent status as Climate Ambassadors, the projects undertaken by our national associations will bring a real added value to the sustainable journey so strongly encouraged by the EU Commission these days and so very welcome by all ETSA members."

If you'd like to view the whole webinar, it will be available shortly in the video gallery in the member's area of the ETSA site. Thank you to all our speakers and participants

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