Lindström's wins ETSA's Customer Service Award, ETSA Congress 2024


Lindström is the 2024 recipient of the Customer Experience Excellence Award, which ETSA is pleased to announce. This award honors businesses that have achieved remarkable feats in customer involvement, contentment, and loyalty, backed by verifiable proof such client endorsements and creative service projects. One excellent illustration of a customer-centric strategy that has greatly improved customer experiences across several touchpoints is Lindström's Omnichannel Experience Framework. Lindström has always demonstrated an excellent commitment to client satisfaction. The business realized it needed to provide a consistent customer experience at every stage of the customer journey as the number of customer encounters grew. As a result, the Omnichannel Experience Framework was created, to support and guide Lindström's aim for continuously  exceeding customer expectations and providing great value.

Lindstrom1The Omnichannel Experience Operating Model and the Omnichannel Experience Vision are the two primary parts of the framework. The Vision is centered on generating value and comprehending customer expectations. It lists the essential components—guiding principles, intended experience, customer experience (CX) promise, and design drivers—necessary to construct a consistent experience. The Operating Model covers internal procedures, such as the design system and customer journey ecosystem, that are necessary to achieve the Vision. The revitalization of Lindström's 23 national websites and webshops served as evidence of the framework's efficacy. Online platforms with a focus on the client were to be created, guided by the Experience Vision. In order to guarantee alignment with the intended experience, CX promise, and design drivers, Lindström assessed site architecture, user interfaces, and content throughout the development process. As part of this strategy, customers' feedback was gathered both during and after the project to ensure it had an impact on the finished product.

The outcomes seem encouraging. Customer response to the initial websites and webshops, which launched in March 2024, has been extraordinarily positive. Customers have given the new websites high marks for being user-friendly and clearly outlining Lindström's services. This feedback demonstrates the Omnichannel Experience Framework's efficacy and offers a solid basis for using it in additional projects. One of the award judges, Luke Simpkins, the CEO of the Laundry Association of Australia (LAA), praised Lindström's strategy, saying, "Lindström's Omnichannel Experience Framework is an outstanding customer service approach that focuses on the customers' experience and expectations." The structure is constructed from the outside in, incorporating clients to comprehend their needs and what brings value to them. Through encounters that are social, digital, and physical, Lindström has demonstrated a strong commitment to customer experience excellence.

Outstanding customer service and satisfaction, creative approaches or technologies that improve the customer experience, customer comments and endorsements, regularity in providing outstanding experiences, and the effect of these initiatives on the company's reputation and client loyalty are among the requirements for the Customer Experience Excellence Award. Lindström's accomplishments in these domains are noteworthy, indicating a strong dedication to upholding elevated benchmarks of client contentment and consistently enhancing their service provisions. Lindström is congratulated by ETSA on this well-earned honor. Their ground-breaking Omnichannel Experience Framework raises the bar for excellence in the textile services sector while also improving client happiness. The success story of Lindström is illustrative of how a customer-centric approach can revolutionize service delivery and cultivate enduring loyalty. For more information about Lindström's initiatives and their impact, visit their media bank and explore their innovative customer service strategies.


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