International Laundry Open Week: A Global Initiative for Textile Service Industry from the ETSA National Associations


In an innovative move to address labour shortages, ETSA, in collaboration with some of its national associations, is launching the Laundry Open Week, an international campaign inspired by "Visite Ma Blanchisserie," last year's  successful initiative from GEIST, ETSA's national Association representing France.  From March 11-18, 2024, this week-long event and communication campaign aims to highlight career opportunities and attract new talent across Europe in the textile service industry.

This pan-European campaign will feature multilingual communication materials, making it accessible to a diverse audience across the continentt, in countries both in and outside the European Union. During this pivotal week, laundries in participating ETSA National Associations are encouraged to plan their open days. This coordinated effort serves to showcase the industry's potential and the various roles it offers. It's an opportunity for member organizations to open their doors to the public, demonstrating the inner workings of the textile service industry and the various career paths it can offer to all people.

LaundryOpenDayThe campaign's multilingual approach not only caters to the diverse European populace but also reflects the inclusive and progressive values of the textile service industry. By offering materials in various European languages, ETSA ensures that the campaign resonates with a broad audience, inviting individuals from different backgrounds to explore opportunities in this sector.

The Laundry Open Week stands as a beacon for the future of the textile service industry. By bringing together various European nations under a unified campaign, ETSA is not just filling immediate labour shortages but also paving the way for a sustainable, younger and diverse workforce. This initiative promises to open new doors, offering insights into an industry that is critical to Europe's infrastructure yet often undervalued, and igniting interest among a new generation of potential employees.

If you'd like to take part in the International Laundry Open Week, please contact ETSA Secretariat.

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