ETSA's Showcases "Educate! E-Learning in the Textile Care Sector" (E-Washboard)


It is with a heavy heart, that ETSA announces that its two year project, "Educate! E-learning in the Textile Care Sector" (E-Washboard) is in its twilight. Nevertheless, the completion of this project has shed new light on distance learning in the textile care sector. We have developed innovative learning approaches where employees can learn valuable skills on their own time, at their own pace. While also fostering greater social inclusion and creating a more skilled workforce.
At a 8 July webinar, which was hosted by ETSA, ETSA members had the opportunity to hear from not only Educate! coordinators and partners, but from other friends of ETSA who also took their own approach to distance learning, upskilling and adult education in textile care.  

This webinar commenced with words of welcome from ETSA secretary-general Elena Lai, who introduced the project's co-coordinator, Marcus Flachmeyer of HeurekaNet (one of ETSA's partners in the project). After a brief back and fourth, longtime ETSA colleague, Daniel Dalkowski who works as project co-coordinator in addition to his role as deputy managing director at the German Textile Cleaning Association, gave a detailed assessment of the E-Washboard platform, as well as its goals and objectives. Mr Dalkowski spoke also on possible future opportunities we may have to still work in this platform including the potential to add more courses, languages and content, which greatly excites ETSA as a great new potential opportunity. 

After Mr Dalkowski spoke, we had the opportunity to hear from Frederik Dormaels, Expert Textile Care TFTC (Training For Textile Care) , The Textile Care Association of Belgium (FBT)  and Dr. Lutz Siemer, Scientific Staff Member, HeurekaNet, who discussed IO2 and IO3 (E-learning and online tutorials respectively) where they worked in close synergy with fellow ETSA partner Monika Býmová  of the Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Association of the Czech Republic (who also recently had their multiplier event recently, which you can read about here.) 

The two spoke on creating the learning modules, the challenges and opportunities that arose in the creative process, they detailed the evolution of the project to this point and illustrated how this project helped enhance both basic skills in employees as well as disseminated key health knowledge to employees, so that laundry workers can remain safe and healthy through the duration of their employment. 

In the second segment of the day we had the opportunity to hear from friends of ETSA and their own approaches to distance learning, upskilling and adult education. We first heard from Katarzyna Sulisz, Project Officer at the skill and innovation department in EURATEX. She discussed EURATEX's own SKILLS4SMART TCLF 2030 PROJECT. This great project also aims to increase training and address the mismatch between workers and skills in textile care, while also developing an EU wide sectoral skills strategy supported by public and private actors across Europe. EURATEX's innovative approach is one in which ETSA certainly hopes to continue to hear more about in the future. 

We also had the distinct privilege of hearing from Shyju Skariah, Technical Services Manager at the Textile Services Association which is an ETSA national association (TSA, UK). Mr Skariah spoke on Textile Care operative apprenticeships as well as the training process in cultivating and seasoning new staff for higher level positions in British textile care. Our last speaker was Kathleen Van Steenbergen, Manager at Christeyns Academy which is an ETSA supplier and member.  Christeyn's educational approach aims to "Create, promote, and encourage regular training with the aim to "provide" futureproof hygiene care professionals." Ms Van Steenbergen spoke on the lessons and best practices that were learned from her time leading this academy. 

Big thank you to all the speakers who made this event as great as it was, if you'd like to view a recording of this event you can watch that here.   



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