ETSA towards a climate ambassadorship pledge- no time to wait!

On Monday 4 October, ETSA Secretariat had the pleasure of welcoming Mr Matthias Zoch from MEWA who also served for years as chair of ETSA's laundry, technology and environment working group. It was a great pleasure to at last meet Mr Zoch in person at the ETSA offices in Brussels.

The October 4th meeting featured special guest presentations from Elis, MEWA, Christeyns, CHMS and DTV. In this highly productive meeting, participants discussed ETSA's Climate Ambassadorship, the future of corporate social responsibility as well as more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Matthias Zoch opened the meeting with Elena Lai where they discussed the ETSA Climate Ambassadorship at length, this landmark opportunity by ETSA will allow us to disseminate best practices and to encourage more sustainable behavior amongst our membership. ETSA will act as a bridge and synergize with various institutions and bodies in order to present a unified message to the Commission on behalf of the greater textile services industry. While ETSA is already hard at work disseminating information from both European bodies and its members, feel free at all times to contact ETSA secretariat to discuss any new best practices you might be involved in.

Claire Bottineau who is the CSR Director at Elis took us on a deep-dive into the ways Elis is optimizing everything from eco-driving, to thermal energy, to finding ways to improve the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) and more. Ms Bottineau also put an emphasis on employee well-being and reducing workplace injury to the absolute minimum, while also promoting equal opportunity for women and racial minorities through increased diversity. After the presentation from Elis, Mr Zoch delivered MEWA's corporate sustainability report, where he discussed both EU guidelines for CSR and the future of chemicals in Europe. He highlighted the new obligations each company has to fulfil such as the "Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive" and how this will go hand in hand with EU Taxonomy in the future, so a lot of updates and procedures to fulfill all these legal obligations will have to be put in place.  

The second half of the webinar dealt more so with lowering co2 emissions and finding new paths of sustainable operation. Fabian Krause the Managing Director at CHMS (and Board member at DTV) spoke on the new cascade drying system (an innovation in saving energy in its own right) as well as a comparative analysis of energy financing costs in Germany when compared to other nations, an extremely informative presentation. This presentation was followed by Tanguy Gernigon, DTV Trade information officer who discussed DTV's Ökobench, which as a product and a project has the potential to be the next great innovation in procedures and categories as they relate to energy management. This interesting project could be opened up to more national associations/companies if the WG will show sufficient appetite.  The last presentation was from Philip Poeth who works as a corporate account manager at Christeyns, his presentation had to do with HydRO technology, a new innovation from Christeyns which reduces water consumption by 80%. This innovation is of high relevance due to wastewater regulations become stricter and water becoming more scarce in some parts of the world. To read about this exciting invention and all the others discussed be sure to check out the presentation and the recording of the event in the ETSA Working Group and ETSA Webinar section of the website.

A special thanks to Mr Zoch for making the journey to Brussels and all those who presented. If you'd like to know more about this working group, please contact ETSA Secretariat.

Matthias Zoch

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