ETSA partners dive in Educate! The new E-learning project

On 14 January, ETSA in synergy with Heurekanet, the Textile Care Association of Belgium, the German Textile Cleaning Association, the Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Association of the Czech Republic and the Swedish Textile Service Association met to discuss "Educate!" an initiative that the six groups launched as part of ERASMUS + in cooperation with one another. This landmark project will allow employees at the various companies to access digital, interactive learning modules on the innovative "Washboard" digital learning platform. The purpose of this initiative is to help employees learn skills valuable to both themselves and the industry overall.

The development of the various intellectual outputs and modules on the platform is ongoing and the pandemic has complicated matters at times. Nevertheless, the partners remain committed to delivering an educational online tool that can help workers during their employment in the textile service industry and beyond. The partners are working very hard to ensure a clear and concise set of valuable, digitalized educational tools can be created and used without any shortcomings or bugs.


The Secretary General at The Czech Association for Textile Care (APAC), Monika Čuhelová spoke at length in the meeting on employee wellness in these learning modules: "I'm proud to say we've added videos on topics including employee wellness, for instance on the exercises and stretches employees should do after doing especially physically demanding work. Employees in the textile and laundry industry really do appreciate us showing concern for both their physical and mental well-being. It's important we do what we can to make sure they remain in good health and feel cared for."

This initiative is ongoing with the various intellectual outputs and modules still under construction in a collaborative effort between the partners. An interactive product in line with the EU's goals of upskilling workers and forwarding digitalization is at the heart of this important project.

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