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The upcoming ETSA awards will also be a central event in the upcoming Congress, winners will be announced at the ETSA Congress and posted on the ETSA website. Please read the information below to see which awards there are, and how to apply for them.The inaugural session of the ETSA Awards will take place for the first time on the day of 12 May at Sala Congressi between 12:00-13:00 during the ETSA CONGRESS. There are three categories for awards listed below. Companies wishing to nominate themselves for an award must be ETSA members or members of the national associations and should fill out the application form, emailing the completed form to by no later than 4 May, with "ETSA Awards 2022" written in the subject line as well as clearly stating the award being applied for in the body of the email, with the application in attachmentWinners will be decided by an impartial third party judge (to be disclosed at a later date) and listed on the ETSA website. If you have any questions feel free to contact ETSA Secretariat. You can download the application form here, for a project to be eligible for an award, it must have concluded within the last 24 months. 

You can see the list of three award categories listed below. 


Best Innovative Project Award

Nominees should have "broken the mold" in that they have found and successfully utilized a new approach, development process, or some other innovative technique that improved efficiency, sustainability, or another goal of ethical business through out of the box thinking. Other innovative techniques may include new marketing ideas, a change in management techniques, a shift if the company culture, use of new technology, or offering a different product/ service. Nominees should include evidence of outcomes for their business and should also be transparent if there were any hiccups or obstacles that needed to be overcome in the development process. Explain if your program or initiative met your desired outcomes and what the path forward is. If applicable, explain if your program or initiative coincides with any ongoing EU goals and actions (i.e., the Green Deal, Circular Economy, etc.). It is also recommended to include how your company can positively impact the textile industry or other companies providing the same product/service.Innovative

Sustainable Leadership & Recycling Award

Nominees should point to a need to improve the efficiency of a certain process in order to fulfill environmental and circular economy objectives. Successful nominees should show a tangible before and after effects of embracing a new and creative way to either improve recycling and circularity, or reduce waste and/or Co2 emissions.. Nominees can provide quantitative clear data to support claims being made, which could include the amount of CO2 saved or CO2/ service or product or material recycled under certain conditions.Recycle

Corporate Social Responsibility Award

Nominees must demonstrate how their organization became committed to promoting and encouraging corporate social responsibility both within their company and in their greater corporate strategy. Nominees must have clearly identified a target for increased philanthropic, charitable or social need within the last two years. This could be anything from more socially sustainable supply chains, to increased workers rights, to helping local communities through charity work, to expanding opportunities for women and underrepresented minority groups. Nominees must demonstrate how the company acted on behalf of a goal or targeted group and how this action impacted the company on the whole and their greater corporate strategy. The judge will consider the social impact of this action, its impact on the future of the nominating company and its externalizabilty to other companies both within and outside of the textile service sector.  It is important for the judge to understand the purpose of your actions, the awareness you brought to the obstacles impacting the community, and what you would/ would not change. The judge will consider the effectiveness and leadership of the trustees and staff responsible for the project.D















If you have any questions on how to apply, feel free to contact ETSA Secretariat.

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