ETSA and the Circular Economy Alliance Announce Future Cooperation

On 15 September, the Director of the Circular Economy Alliance and the President of ETSA, signed a memorandum of understanding on behalf of the two organizations. This memorandum is a symbolic guide in not only recognizing the previous cooperation the two organizations have had which included a presentation Professor Giorgos Demetriou gave during the ETSA Congress of May 2022 in Rome in regard to a panel discussion for a workshop on "Preparing young people's domains of professional interest in the framework of the upcoming climate transformation.", but the memorandum also serves to legitimize and incentivize future cooperation. The Circular Economy Alliance (CEA) brings together stakeholders with a genuine interest in the domain with a view to support the transition from a linear to a circular economy. The organization (in part) consists of an alliance of stakeholders coming from governmental, industrial, academic, consumer organizations and many others who can enable a bottom-up transformation to the Circular Economy by identifying gaps, defining requirements, proposing solutions, sharing expertise in enhancing the efforts in upskilling and reskilling of people at any working level and age.

ETSACEAETSA, representing the textile service industry is very interested in cooperating with CEA in the future, not least because of the textile service's industry's commitment to redoubling its efforts to promote circularity, and reach out to younger people in an effort to upskill and reskill  the industry, while also providing young people with gainful opportunity and advancement in turn. This memorandum of understanding will set the course for great future cooperation in the next two years.  These future cooperations will take place via communications, possible webinars, collaborative projects and so much more!  Furthermore, with both organizations being European Commission Climate Pact Ambassadors, both respective parties will work in greater synergy to empower common messages to the EU institutions. As both organizations have applied to renew their status as Climate Pact Ambassadors, a redoubling of the duties and obligations which are part and parcel of the pact, will be certain.

 With a great many issues to tackle both in the textile services industry and society in the macro-sense ranging from sustainability to engaging the next generation, we are excited to be working with the Circular Economy Alliance to be part of the solution.

You can download the whole Memorandum of Understanding here.

ETSA-CEA Memorandum of Understanding (2.79 MB)ETSA-CEA Memorandum of Understanding (2.79 MB)

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