Atlanta Clean Show

The Clean Show which took place from 30 July to 2 August in Atlanta USA, was an event of incredible opportunity and development of potential new cooperation and synergies. Many ETSA member companies and National Associations came and were represented at the Clean Show, with ETSA-Secretary General Elena Lai  and ETSA President Andreas Holzer also taking part. This three-day long event is North America's largest exposition for laundries, dry cleaning, textile services and textile equipment, taking place on a yearly basis.

This event featured live demonstrations of new machinery and inventions as well as seminars and talks in regard to the latest issues befalling the industry, ranging from sustainability, filling employment positions and more. The networking potential of this event is also nothing to scoff at, with some many industry titans present, the number of face to face negotiations, partnerships between manufacturers, suppliers, national associations and industry peers was enormous. Furthermore, "E-Washboard", the platform for Educate! The EU funded project ETSA worked on with some of its valued National Associations was also showcased and updated at the Clean Show. Educate! is an innovative remote learning system funded by ERASMUS+. You can read more on that here. Collage

ETSA would like to extend a sincere thank you to TRSA, ETSA's American National Association for organizing so many educational seminars and discussions, as well as the other national associations who were also present and shared their perspectives on our industry's future, including FBT (Belgium), TSA (United Kingdom), The Swedish Textile Service Association (Sweden) and DTV (Germany), as well as our special guests, the Australian National Association.  ETSA National Associations represent partners of tremendous importance to ETSA. The NA's present also discussed strategies to raise awareness of the textile service sector to key actors and the general public (including the ETSA Video), as well  as key upcoming EU legislation on the Digital Product Passport and PFAS, among other salient topics. Moreover, the importance of future cooperation with TRSA and Laundries Association of Australia was also underlined, especially in light of the myriad of crisis' affecting the global industry.

Furthermore, during the event there were several key panel discussions and one where ETSA board members, Andreas Holzer (Bardusch) , Peter Egan (Johnson) and Juha Laurio (Lindström) took part in, sharing their perspectives on the textile service industry going forward, particularly in times as volatile as these, with the impending economic crisis generated by the War in Ukraine, as well as the call to find more sustainable solutions for a greener future.  Despite the challenges, our industry remains committed to brighter horizons and new opportunities going forward, and our three panellists demonstrated that in their interventions. 

It was also ETSA's pleasure to host so many of these national associations and board members at a business dinner  with ETSA's Suppliers members, including Kannegiesser, Jensen Group and Christeyns. This dinner, which took place on the Saturday night of the Clean Show, served as an excellent opportunity to network and develop deepened understandings between ETSA National Associations and Suppliers. 

  Overall, the Clean Show proved to be yet another successful event for ETSA Secretariat. Our industry is one which is at a pivotal cross roads, yet with the innovation and inventiveness our members show on a daily basis, we are certain to overcome the challenges of our time. 

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