Lindström and DobroDílo's Collaborative Success in Corporate Social Responsibility


For many years, the ETSA Awards have served as a symbol of excellence, honoring exceptional accomplishments in a variety of fields. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award is one of the most influential categories; it honors businesses that successfully incorporate social responsibility into their main business plans. This year's prize honors a noteworthy partnership between the Czech social enterprise DobroDílo and textile services provider Lindström. This collaboration is a perfect illustration of how companies can promote social inclusion and support the circular economy.

Elizabeth Kuiper, Associate Director at the European Policy Center and judge for the CSR Award, commended the initiative, stating, "The collaboration between textile service company Lindström and the Czech social enterprise DobroDílo is a wonderful example of how companies can promote social inclusion and contribute to the circular economy at the same time. Great to see how the initiative empowers disabled people, reduces textile waste, and fosters local development!"

zuzaLindström and DobroDílo's partnership is based on a mutual dedication to promoting social inclusion for those with disabilities and supporting regional growth. DobroDílo's original plan was to create a textile workshop where one could create one-of-a-kind presents and little everyday objects. The collaboration with Lindström made this idea a reality. Lindström actively looks for creative ways to upcycle and recycle its textile waste in an effort to recycle all of it. Using old workwear, the disabled employees of DobroDílo produce unique gifts. This method not only minimizes waste but also gives people who are disadvantaged in the labor market meaningful employment options.

Customers at Lindström have reacted quite well to the products that combine social responsibility and a reduction in textile waste. Due to Lindström's creative approach, the project has advanced and its clients have been introduced to the idea of recycled items made from retired workwear. A noteworthy instance is the drugstore chain Dr.Max, whose staff members may now buy items created from their old work clothes via the DobroDílo online store.

This cooperation has many advantages. First of all, it cuts down on textile waste, which is in line with Lindström's objective of recycling all of its textile waste. Second, it enhances the life and career possibilities of disabled people by giving them access to employment opportunities. Lastly, it provides creative merchandising presents that consumers value for their originality and commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

The collaboration's recognition by the ETSA Awards emphasizes how crucial it is to incorporate social responsibility into business plans. By honoring these projects, the awards promote a culture of moral business conduct and sustainable growth by inspiring other businesses to follow suit. The future of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is bright, with countless opportunities to improve the world via ethical business practices, as more firms work to have a good influence.

You can read more about this initiative on the Lindstrom website here, or watch this YouTube video outlining the project here.

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