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Event / Meeting Date Comments
Other: TSA Logistics Knowledge Network 06 Feb UK
Other: Wirtex Board of Directors 08 Feb Germany
Other: TSA Energy Seminar 13 Feb UK
ETSA: Survey on disposal of end-of-life textiles 22 Feb Conference call
ETSA: WW Ad-Hoc Group on implementation of PPE Regulation 26 Feb Ratingen, DE (Klopman host)
Other: TSA Sector Interest Groups 07 Mar UK
Other: NRV Annual Conference 08 - 10 Mar Norway
ETSA: Cleanroom 08 Mar Conference call
Other: Wirtex PG on chemical protection 12 Mar Germany
Other: Wirtex PG on communication 12 Mar Germany
Other: Wirtex PG on Workwear 14 Mar Germany
ETSA: Board of Directors 14 Mar Vienna, AT (Salesianer Miettex host)
ETSA: National Associations follow up on last meeting 20 Mar Conference call
Other: TRSA Leadership & Legislative Conference 21 - 22 Mar USA
Other: WIRTEX PG on Research Standards Technic Environment (FNTU) 22 Mar Germany
ETSA: Health and safety best practices 22 Mar Conference call
Other: Geist Board 28 Mar France
Other: FBT Annual General Assembly 29 Mar Belgium
Other: wfk IDC 09 - 11 Apr Düsseldorf, DE
Other: WIRTEX PG Employer Branding 10 Apr Germany
Other: Wirtex joint PGs Workwear and FNTU (Research Standards Technic Environment) 12 Apr Germany
ETSA: WW Ad-Hoc Group on check list 13 Apr Conference call
Other: WIRTEX PG Sustainability 16 Apr Germany
ETSA: Environment Steering Committee 25 Apr Brussels, BE
Other: TSA Engineering Course 15 - 16 May UK
ETSA: Workwear WG2 16 - 17 May Brussels, BE
Other: ST Annual meeting 17 May Malmö, SE
Other: BVT Annual general meeting 25 May Copenhagen, DK
Other: Wirtex forum on PPE dialogue in the supply chain 06 Jun Germany
ETSA: Board of Directors 06 Jun Frankfurt, DE
Other: TRSA Leadership Summit 12 - 13 Jun USA
Other: Geist Board 13 Jun Porticcio, Corse
Other: Geist journées d'études 13 - 15 Jun Porticcio, Corse
Other: VTS General assembly 16 Jun Switzerland
ETSA: Communications network 19 Jun Conference call
ETSA: AGM - Annual General Meeting 20 Jun Brussels, BE
Other: DTV AG Conference 07 - 08 Sep Berlin, DE
Other: TSA Operations Managers meeting 12 Sep UK
Other: BVT Member Meeting 17 - 18 Sep Copenhagen, DK
ETSA: National Associations 19 Sep Brno, CZ
Other: APAC annual conference 20 - 21 Sep Brno, CZ
Other: Geist Board 26 Sep France
Other: Wirtex Branchentreffen 27 - 28 Sep Berlin, DE
Other: TRSA Annual Conference 15 - 17 Oct USA
Other: Expodetergo 19 - 22 Oct Milan, IT
Other: FBT Group Journey to Expodetergo 19 - 20 Oct Milan, IT
Other: TRSA Italian Livery Tour 22 - 26 Oct Italy
Other: Texcare International 01 Nov Frankfurt, DE
ETSA: Board of Directors 07 Nov Ghent, BE (Christeyns host)
Other: DTV/SBS/SME Safety Workshop on PPE Regulation 07 Nov Brussels, BE
Other: ST Fall Meeting 15 Nov Stockholm, SE
Other: Geist Board 19 Dec France

ETSA: Representing textile rental companies

Alsco Bardusch Cleanlease CWS Boco Elis Initial johnson Lindstrom Mewa Salesianer Miettex

To find out more about our members including suppliers, national associations and research institutes click here

ETSA: In partnership with suppliers of detergents, fabrics and machinery

Beirholm BP Carrington christeyns Ecolab HB Jensen kannegiesser Klopman lapauw Lauffenmuhle tencate Van Moer

To find out more about our members including textile rental companies, national associations and research institutes click here

ETSA: Coordinating national textile service associations and working with research institutes

Assosistema BVT FBT GEIST Hohenstein NRV Tekstiilihuoltoliitto-ry TRSA TSA Sveriges-Tvätteriförbund VTS WFK Wirtex

To find out more about our members including textile rental companies and suppliers, click here