"Textile services improve the lives of millions of people every day"

Robert Long


"Every day, millions of people across Europe wear, sleep on, eat off or use rental textiles in some way or other. Rental textiles include workwear and protective clothing, corporate business wear, hospital and surgical textiles, textiles for hotels, restaurants and care homes, hand-drying towels, floor mats and mops and industrial wipers. Textile services include textile selection, garment manufacturing, stock management, logistics and delivery, care and maintenance.

Our industry association represents the leading textile services companies, as well as the detergent, fabric and garment manufacturers. This industry is a major contributor to the European economy, with a current annual turnover of circa €11 billion (2012) and employing 135 000 people in the EU.

Despite the negative economic climate, the textile services market has grown in almost every segment and product type in recent years. In a study carried out for ETSA in 2014, Deloitte estimate the textile services industry in Europe could reach up to €46 billion annual turnover. Deloitte's report, Quantifying the Opportunity, European textile services market sizing study, looks at the potential growth by product, by sector and by country.

Renting textiles is the alternative to owning textiles or using disposables. With the increased trend for outsourcing as a cost effective solution for businesses, the future of this industry looks bright.  Our website provides details on the day to day workings of our business, our commitment to a sustainable environment and our corporate responsibility. I hope you find what you need."

Robert Long
ETSA Secretary General 

ETSA's mission

ETSA's mission is to promote the textile services industry and the interests of member companies, in cooperation with national textile services associations from across Europe.

We are the leading European association for textile rental companies and national textile services associations in Europe.

Our objectives include:

To provide a platform for networking and sharing best practices at a senior level, in strictest compliance with anti-trust law
To proactively monitor and lobby EU legislation and technical standards
To prepare scientific studies and research to help promote textile services.
Raising awareness
To increase awareness of the textile services industry and enhance its reputation.

ETSA's members value fair competition, a sustainable business model and corporate responsibility.

How does ETSA work?

ETSA's statutes provide for an Annual General Meeting (AGM) open to all members. ETSA's main executive body is the Board of Directors. Mr. Juha Laurio, President and CEO of the Lindström Group, Finland, is the current Chairman of the ETSA Board.

ETSA has three operational Steering Committees, which focus on the following core business and policy areas:

  • Laundry technology and the environment
  • Surgical and healthcare textiles
  • Workwear and protective clothing.

Reporting to each of these Steering Committees, a dozen or more Project Groups and Working Groups carry out the work prioritised by the Steering Committee's work plan.

A bi-annual ETSA Conference brings together textile services business leaders and executive speakers in a highly valued forum for strategic discussion and exchange. ETSA's next conference will be held in Vienna, Austria on 11-12 June 2015.

A Secretariat in Brussels coordinates the work of the association.


Benefits of membership

As a member of ETSA, you would be part of the leading European trade association for the textile rental and services industry.

Current ETSA membership ETSA members (list) Febraury 215 (15 KB) List of ETSA members (Feb 2015)

ETSA organigramme 18 November 2015 (477.7 KB) ETSA organigramme (18 Nov 2015)

Members benefit from:

Information exchange and networking
  • Be part of the leading pan-European networking and information exchange platform for Europe's top textile services companies and their most committed suppliers (through specialised meetings, conferences, newsletters, studies, documentation, technical expertise and more)
  • Discuss the latest business trends in the textile rental business in different European markets; participation at ETSA meetings offers a European perspective to national issues
  • Be aware of best industry practices; this can broaden your understanding of the textile rental business and help to solve specific company problems
  • Gain access to other European industry associations and EU officials.
Promotion of textile services industry
  • We provide information and tools to promote textile services as an optimum alternative business solution to home washing and ownership of textiles
  • We promote the best practices in the industry.
Effective monitoring of, and lobbying about, EU legislation, CEN and ISO standards
  • Understand how EU laws will impact textile services and contribute to the development of new legislation
  • Enjoy access to high-level detailed technical exchanges on EU and international standards which affect textile services
  • Be aware of the potential impact of regulation in order to adapt your business strategy
  • Shape EU and international standards and legislation so that the interests of textile services are taken into account.

We strive to cultivate a business-oriented approach to industry representation and related activities by adopting a flexible, appropriate and dynamic response to any challenges in the marketplace.

ETSA: 20 years in video

About ETSA Video

Focus on the future for the textile services industry -interview with ETSA Chairman Juha Laurio.Introducing ETSA and the textile services industry -interview with ETSA Secretary-General. Read more



If you would like more information about becoming a member of ETSA, please complete the online application form and we will be in touch with you.


ETSA: Representing textile rental companies

  • Alsco
  • Bardusch
  • Berendsen
  • Cleanlease
  • CWS Boco
  • Elis
  • Initial
  • Johnson
  • Lindstrom
  • Mewa
  • Salesianer Miettex

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ETSA: In partnership with suppliers of detergents, fabrics and machinery

  • Beirholm
  • BP
  • Carrington
  • Christeyns
  • Ecolab
  • HB_Schutzbekleidung
  • Jensen
  • Kannegiesser
  • Klopman
  • Lapauw
  • Lauffenmuhle
  • Tencate
  • van moer williamson dickie

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ETSA: Coordinating national textile service associations and working with research institutes

  • Assosistema
  • BVT
  • FBT
  • Geist
  • Hohenstein Institute
  • NRV
  • Tekstiilihuoltoliitto Ry
  • TRSA
  • TSA
  • tvatteriforbundet
  • VTS
  • Wfk
  • Wirtex

To find out more about our members including textile rental companies and suppliers, click here

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