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Everything you need to know about textile services

ETSA is the European trade association for the textile services industry in Europe. The textile services industry supplies timely and cost effective textiles, usually on a rental basis, to an extensive range of professional end-users in a wide variety of industries. 

Textile services companies are committed to providing services for a healthy and safe workplace , while maintaining  the greatest possible concern for the environment.


  • Compliance with standards
  • Full service
  • Convenience
  • No hidden costs


  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Ensure hygienic textiles
  • Increase comfort and protection
  • Enhance company image


  • Yourself
  • Your employees
  • Your business
  • The environment

ETSA hosts session at EXPOdetergo


ETSA hosted its second European Education Session at EXPOdetergo 2014. This year, the programme focused on efficient laundry processing techniques in the European market and was presented by specialists from Christeyns, Ecolab, the Jensen-Group, Kannegiesser and Lapauw. Read more


ETSA's 2015 Members' Conference

ETSA ConferenceETSA's biennial conference is a key networking opportunity for senior management from member firms - textile rental firms, supplier firms and national associations. Our next Conference will take place in Vienna on 11 and 12 June 2015. Read more


Large potential growth for textile services industry

Textile Services MarketThe textile services industry in Europe could reach up to €46 billion turnover, according to a  Deloitte market sizing study ('Quantifying the Opportunity') published in June. As the alternative to customer owned textiles, the future of the textile rental industry shows enormous potential, and could grow to four times its current size. Read more

Comparative hand drying study

Comparative hand drying studyThe study by the Hjelt Institute of the University of Helsinki compares four hand drying systems and concludes that from a hygienic point of view, cotton and paper prove more effective in removing bacteria from hands than jet air or warm air dryers. In addition, cotton towel dispensers have very hygienic surfaces and cotton towels lead to a better air quality. Read the full conclusions of the study

ETSA's network

In order to achieve it's objectives and serve its members, ETSA works with, and is a member of, a variety of European and international institutions and organisations.

Read more


ETSA: Representing textile rental companies

  • Alsco
  • Bardusch
  • Berendsen
  • CWS Boco
  • Elis
  • Indusal
  • Initial
  • Johnson
  • Lindstrom
  • Mewa
  • Salesianer Miettex
  • Wozabal

To find out more about our members including suppliers, national associations and research institutes click here

ETSA: In partnership with suppliers of detergents, fabrics and machinery

  • BP
  • Carrington
  • Christeyns
  • Ecolab
  • Gore
  • Jensen
  • Kannegiesser
  • Klopman
  • Lapauw
  • Lauffenmuhle
  • Tencate
  • van moer williamson dickie

To find out more about our members including textile rental companies, national associations and research institutes click here

ETSA: Coordinating national textile service associations and working with research institutes

  • Assosistema
  • BVT
  • FBT
  • Hohenstein Institute
  • NRV
  • Tekstiilihuoltoliitto Ry
  • TSA
  • tvatteriforbundet
  • VTS
  • Wfk
  • Wirtex

To find out more about our members including textile rental companies and suppliers, click here

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